Once you have decided that Costa Rica is the choice for your next vacation, you will need to determine exactly which regions you want to visit and which attractions or activities you do not want to miss. Are you looking for a relaxing, all-inclusive beach vacation? Do you want to swing from the trees with the monkeys in the rain forest? Perhaps a rejuvenating eco-spa experience, or a few days in the vibrant city of San Jose followed by a tour of Costa Rica’s volcanoes and coffee plantations?

Costa Rica is becoming more and more popular as a vacation resort. The beaches are beautiful and the area offers incredible fishing. In addition, there are plenty of other things to keep you busy while you are on vacation. If you are headed to the area or plan on renting a vacation home for a few weeks, we have a few ideas on how to fill up your daily schedule.

One of the more popular tourist activities in the last few years in Costa Rica is the canopy tour. The rain forest areas are truly spectacular and offer some of the most incredible scenery in the world. Eco-tourism has truly found a niche in this little corner of the world. Many of these canopy tours offer a thrilling zipline ride that will definitely get the heart pumping.

Most people do not realize that the driving force behind the local economy before it became a tourist Mecca was coffee. It remains source of income for local business people and has actually grown to become its own little niche in the tourist sector. Visitors to the area can take “coffee tours” that will enrich them with local knowledge regarding their morning dose of caffeine.

Action-adventure lovers will need to add a whitewater trip to their vacation agenda. The forest offers the perfect setting with whitewater trips available for virtually every skill level. Beginners will enjoy mild rapids that will offer them a very enjoyable trip down the river, while experienced riders can visit the more challenging waters that will truly test their skills.

Nature lovers will enjoy a hike in the mountain areas. Some of the wildlife if Costa Rica is absolutely spectacular. Take an overnight trip and leave you iPod outside of the tent to record the sounds of the night. Bird watching in particular has become very popular here as the plumage and calls are unique to the area. One cannot help but get caught up in the nature hobby of birdwatching.

If you find yourself exhausted and just want to take it easy, you can simply relax on the beautiful beaches of Costa Rica. One of the more popular beaches is Manuel Antonio. Visitors often comment that this is not only the best beach in Costa Rica, but may possibly be one of the top beaches throughout the world. Montezuma, Tortuquero, and Corcovado are just a few of the other beaches tourists enjoy.