“I have used Tamarindo Travel over 15 times. On time, professional, courteous, friendly, helpful, affordable and their cars are in good condition! Can’t say enough about what a positive experience is to use Tamarindo Travel services. Recommend highly to anyone needing shuttle transportation.”

Thanks a lot Heriberto!

Antonio LeMaire – 09/11/2011

“Today we asked a special favor and Heriberto from Tamarindo Travel was kind to go along withus. He helped us see several beaches on the coast. He was patient and a careful driver. Withouthim we would not have been able to see all that we desired of Costa Rica.”

Kristal G. – 08/27/2011

“Heriberto is an extremely reliable, honest, safe andreasonably priced driver. He can help you with short-distance rides,as well as tours and rides to the airport. He is anxious to explainthe culture and customs of Costa Rica and speaks English well. Weprefer Tamarindo Travel & Costa Rica Airport Shuttle over all other options in the area”.

Linda Nisenvaun – 08/27/2011

“Having seen how so many tourism drivers in this country drive, I was hesitant in the beginningto hire a driver for my family. Heriberto and his team are safe, efficient drivers, and I feel verycomfortable having them take care of the driving anywhere in this country. Once we saw howprofessional Tamarindo Travel is, we never hesitate to call on them for our guests, for airporttransport, for tours and activities… any driving need. In fact, we now prefer to have TamarindoTravel take care of the driving on nights out at restaurants, we know that we can truly relax,have a few drinks, and not worry about getting home safely! We recommend them to our guests, customers and friends.”

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