Do you wish to enjoy and have the best fishing experience in your lifetime? Are you looking or searching for an ideal dreamland for fishing? Then, your search ends here. You will get startling and adventurous fishing experience at no other place than Costa Rica. Many biologists, naturalists and savvy travelers visit this place from decades to enjoy as well as explore rain forests, national parks and wonderful beaches. With changing time and generation, this small country has started getting to be known as an one of the best sport fishing destination all over the world. It has gained a fast reputation in the history of fishing destinations.

Now, you might wonder what is there at Costa Rica that sets it apart from other fishing destinations, globally. It is nothing, but a simple fact that other countries in Latin America are its dream for the future and conservation of the natural resources. National parks occupy about twenty percent of the country and it is believed that ten percent of the world’s biodiversity is seen here. There are about thirty two national parks and 750 miles of coastline and so one can easily understand why Mr. C. Columbus must have named it “Rich Coast”.

Pristine rivers running across the untouched green shorelines and mountain rainforests offer an ideal habitat for game fish as well as bait fish. No matter, you i Costa Rica for year round world-class fishing experience or to escape from the cold weathers, it will provide you some of the extravagant and stunning views and fishing experience that you will never ever get in your lifetime.

Its name is associated with about eighty four International Game Fishing Association (IGFA) world records and hence, Costa Rica is instantly becoming the preferred destination for most of the serious sports fishermen. The mineral rich rivers passing through the mountains offers for a constant population of bait fish in this area. This is the major attraction for the bigger game fish. Rocky islands as well as shorelines create for an ideal hideaway of the Wahoo and the rooster fish. The Pacific Ocean is the home for the billfish found in large numbers, here.

You will not believe, but countless adventure shows, sports magazines and also ESPN had visited Costa Rica to view the abundant billfish, world record tarpon and excellent in-shore fishing throughout the year. If we combine the ideal fishing conditions of the country, its natural beauty and elegance and the ever-booming tourism industry here, you will definitely learn that Costa Rica is a Fishermen’s Paradise. On any day and any time of the year, one can catch and eat the bass, one catches at Lake Arenal, battle three pound tuna, fight fifty pounds or more roosterfish or raise ten sailfish, at least.

People all over the world love to travel to this small fishing paradise. It is the jumping off point for the surfers, explorers, campers, and backpackers who wish to travel across the Corcovado National Park to take a close look at Mother Nature and its creations.